September 2012

South Dakota Icon Sherwin Linton's "Ghost Riders" Coat Disappears

South Dakota Country Singer Sherwin Linton has been a regular performer at the South Dakota State Fair since the 1970’s. Linton is also known for his very personalized unique and sometimes garish stage wardrobe. One of these costumes is a “Black Long Rider Duster Coat” with a very intricate depiction of “The Ghost Riders In The Sky” painted on it by Award Winning Western Artist Billye Jane Kruse. Kruse used acrylic paint to create an amazing dimensional and eye catching portrayal of cowboys chasing long horn steers through a stormy sky filled with glowing reflective lightning bolts. Linton has recorded “The Ghost Riders “ song and often opens his show wearing this coat. During an intermission between shows at the 2012 South Dakota State Fair Linton opened his large Anvil Wardrobe Case located in the back-stage area and found the coat was missing. Linton appraises the value at $1200.00—$1500.00. Having had it for nearly 20 years and wearing it on several TV shows and major stages Linton also has a strong sentimental bond to it. Linton hopes that someone will come forth with information regarding this special part of his stage wardrobe and is offering a substantial reward for its return.

Linton requests that anyone possessing this item or with information about it please contact Sherwin Linton Entertainment by e-mail using this address: LintonEnt@aol.com

A cash reward will be delivered in exchange for the undamaged coat.

August 2012

State Fairs Here We Come

Sherwin, Pam and "The Cotton Kings" have enjoyed two months of county fairs, festivals, city celebrations and performing arts concerts! The summer schedule culminates with the state fair circuits. Sherwin, Pam and "The Cotton Kings" appeared on the KARE-11 TV "Morning Show" live from the Minnesota State Fair on August. 27th. Click here for a portion of their performance!

After finishing at the Minnesota State Fair the group heads west for five days at the South Dakota State Fair performing on the "Centennial Stage" located on "Cotton King Avenue" on the northwest corner of the grounds. Shows are at 11:00 AM, 2:00 & 4:00 PM daily!  


Highway Headin' South Heads Into The "New" Digital Age 

Music media and technology continues to change. Someday in the future the compact disc (CD) as we know it today will go by the wayside joining its predecessors the 78 rpm and 45 rpm record, 8 track tape and cassette tape. The newest technology on the market is the "Digital Download Card." Black Gold Records has partnered with "Soundtrax" to produce Sherwin's first release in this media form. Sherwin's new CD "Highway Headin' South" retails for just $10.00 when purchased on a digital download card. How does it work? When you purchase the digital down load card, which looks like a credit card, you sign on to the "Soundtrax" web site on your computer and enter the code on the back of the card. The music selections will download to the computer desktop. Then you can play them on their computer, move them to your favorite MP3 player, or burn them to CD. Each download card allows the buyer two complete title downloads. The buyer gets all the music but does not get the CD booklet, a gel box or a digi pack!


Sherwin Linton Crib Rods and the Origins of the B-Bender Continued 

Many of you are familiar with the story of the origins of the B String bending device attached to Sherwin s guitar. (The funny looking metal bar that extends from the headstock above and along the neck of Sherwin's guitar.) Premier Guitar Magazine has documented it in a March 2010 article (click here to read it). Well the story of this unique device continues! We'll quickly refresh your memory and bring you up to date! Sherwin's idea for his B-Bending invention came while working at the Flame Cafe with Carl Perkins in 1961. Carl was playing an Earl Scruggs Bluegrass Banjo classic "Flint Hill Special" on his Gibson guitar. As he played it he would use his index finger to stretch the B string behind the nut (bridge located at the base of the guitars headstock) on the guitar to change its pitch in the song. Needless to say this was causing some uncomfortable wear to his finger. In the dressing room following the show Sherwin and Carl visited about a better way to bend the B, possibly with a mechanical solution. The next night Carl arrived at the Flame with a small piece of coat hanger attached to the B string at the headstock. Using the hanger as a lever Carl showed Sherwin how it would move the B string up and down. Because of the weakness of the hanger the contraption did not function with any exactness. Sherwin headed home following the show that night determined to fashion a more reliable version. Removing the metal rods from the underside of one of his children's baby cribs, and with minimal tools Sherwin fashioned a rough bender that worked! Sherwin attached the crude device to his guitar and several years later hired a machinist to craft the long lever that extends along the neck of his guitar. The use of the device is evident in Sherwin's 1971 live recording "Hello, I'm Not Johnny Cash." After years of use the Plever, as Sherwin affectionately called it, began to wear out and not operate consistently. About three years ago Sherwin was forced to discontinue its use. With the help of design engineer Alex Nyhus, plans for a new Plever to be called The Linton Lever were drafted and printed. Those plans were submitted to Tom Hargreaves at RothGreaves & Associates, Inc. in Long Lake, MN for manufacture of a prototype. Sherwin's 1959 fender Jazz Master Guitar has spent several days at RothGreaves for measurements and fittings. On August 15th Sherwin picked up his guitar with the new Linton Lever B-String Bender in place. The familiar sound from the past has returned to Sherwin's guitar style! Sherwin now plans to update the patent of this unique invention and market it for other guitar players to enjoy.


1966 Promotional Photo
Sherwin with the doubleneck guitar he built.
Notice the "B" Bender Lever along the top of the upper neck.

April 2012

Spring has sprung early here in the mid-west. With the mild weather in Minnesota there would have been no reason to escape winter here this year, but we did have commitments and engagements in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas. There has been a lot of new good news. We were so busy with our heavy performance schedule that we have not been in good communication with everyone, so here are some updates!

"Hillbilly Heaven" CD Update

Yes, it was just one year ago this month that we released the CD "Hillbilly Heaven." This great Historic collection of duets with many of Sherwin's Country Music friends has been very well received. In November 2011 Sherwin was notified by NARAS (National Academy of Performing Arts and Sciences) that this CD had received three first round Grammy nominations! We were delighted to be included among the nominees for Country Music CD of the Year, Country Music Song of the Year for the title cut "I Dreamed of a Hillbilly Heaven" and Country Music Duet of the Year for the song "I Would Be In Love Anyway" recorded with Brittany Allyn. Sherwin did not make the top five nominees on the second ballot so we were not in Hollywood for the awards event. We were very excited as Sherwin continues to receive more national recognition in his 56 year career. Starting mid April, "Hillbilly Heaven" will be marketed nationally in a TV offer which will air on the RFD-TV Network.


Sherwin & Pam Linton and The Cotton Kings New CD "Highway Headin' South"

Our newest CD "Highway Headin' South" was released in February of this year. This project was developed with so many of our Winter Texan friends in mind. Sherwin penned the lyrics to the title cut "Highway Headin' South" in January of 2011 while driving from Minneapolis to McAllen, TX.

  On a highway headin' south to the Rio Grande Valley
Where the bougainvilleas bloom and the snow don't fly
I'm gonna rest my chilly bones in the Texas sunshine
And be a Winter Texan till I die

  Because so many mid-westerners make the trip each winter for the southern climate the song caught on quickly and was a nightly request. Sherwin decided to record it and eleven other songs including some Tex-Mex songs, love songs, novelty songs and Gospel songs all on one CD! We recorded this project at Track Record Studios in St. Paul with Sherwin's band The Cotton Kings also featuring special guest Dick Moebakken who adds his vocals to several of the selections and delivers the love story, Allis Chalmers in the style of Grandpa McCoy. Several selections take the listener on a heartwarming romantic trip to Old Mexico and days gone by.

Titles Include: Highway Headin' South, Spanish Two Step, Livin' With The Mexicans, Mexican Joe, Do You Remember These, Hot Rod Race, Hot Rod Lincoln, Allis Chalmers, Love Me Forever Today, The French Song, Clinging To A Saving Hand, Heaven

New CD "Highway Headin' South"

For our on-line friends we are offering Sherwin's two new CD's for just $30.00 plus shipping or $18.00 each. Simply send your Name, Shipping Address and Payment of $35.00 ($21.00 for one CD. Please include the CD title you wish to order "Hillbilly Heaven or "Highway Headin' South.") Prices include first class shipping. Allow 14 days for delivery.


Send to:

Black Gold Records
Hillbilly Heaven - Highway Headin' South Package Offer
P.O. Box 48100
Minneapolis, MN 55448


Rio Grande Valley Tour - F.A.M.E. Awards 2012

Our energetic 2012 Rio Grande tour included 39 shows between the dates of January 20 and March 13! There never seemed to be a dull moment and some days there were two performances in a day in two different locations! This made for lots of time spent setting up, tearing down, and loading and unloading equipment. Our thanks to the many friends who seem to always be there to lend a hand when our schedule was tight! We had warm enthusiastic audiences everywhere we went so it seemed like every day was a party! All of our hard work was recognized at this year's F.A.M.E. Awards. (Families Advocating Moral Entertainment) On February 27ththe F.A.M.E. organization awarded Pam Linton 2012 Female Vocalist of the Year and Sherwin Linton was recognized for his ongoing contributions to the Entertainment Industry with the 2012 Entertainment Legend of the Year Award. Sherwin and Pam were both greatly humbled by this recognition. Pam thanked the audience and asked that everyone in attendance find the time in their busy lives to mentor a child in whatever vocation they could. She credited those who had taken the time to mentor her as being responsible for her receiving this award.

Sherwin & Pam Performing - 16th Annual F.A.M.E. Awards - Pharr, Texas
On stage with "The Link Family"


Pam Linton 2012 F.A.M.E. “Female Vocalist of the Year”
Sherwin Linton 2012 Recipient F.A.M.E. “Entertainment Legend of the Year Award”
(Families Advocating Moral Entertainment)

There is so much to look forward to in the months ahead. If you wish to follow Sherwin's career activities more closely we encourage you to join us on Facebook. Just search for Sherwin Linton Music. We would love to have you among our Facebook friends!

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